Why Flow?

Proudly built on Flow!

Why are we building on Flow?

At Cryptoys, we chose to build on the Flow blockchain because we see it as the best possible platform in Web3 for what we are doing. Here’s why!

  • Flow was explicitly designed to support games, NFTs, and consumer products. The Cadence scripting language was created to be developer friendly.

  • It’s green! Minting an NFT on Flow uses less energy than a Google search. The protocol uses hundreds of times less energy than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • The founders of Flow are actually the ones that created the ERC-721 token and came up with the name NFT! When their CryptoKitties NFT project crashed Ethereum, the founders knew they needed a blockchain specifically created to handle their vision for NFTs.

  • Flow is designed to onboard the coming wave of billions of everyday users, and not just the current niche crypto communities. It is building a multi-role architectural platform designed to scale.

  • Flow has consistently shown the ability to handle millions of transactions and become a leader in the space. Due to its unique multi-role architecture, the overall energy use of the protocol is not expected to significantly increase even after volume increases by 100x or more.

Meta recently announced that they will be supporting Flow NFTs on Instagram and Facebook, one of only four blockchains chosen.

We believe that Flow is the best blockchain for onboarding the next generation of the general public into the world of digital collectibles and gaming, and that Cryptoys will be the flagship brand that delivers them.


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