What are Cryptoys

Digital collectible toys!
Collect them all! (some rarities are not shown above 🤫)
Cryptoys are interactive digital toys, wrapped in surprise unboxing experiences, distributed on the Flow blockchain. Fun, playful, and interactive, Cryptoys blend toys, collectibles, and gaming to unlock a whole new universe of possibilities.
Our first digital toy line, Zoo-F-O Escape, introduces our initial cast of characters: Alphie the Corgi, Comet the Kitty, and Juno the Panda. There are 21 collectable skins, but only 18 are needed to complete the Zoo-F-O collection! (Ultra Grails are 1:1s).
Your Cryptoys are the key to various apps and gaming experiences. Each Cryptoy character is composed of different characteristics that make them truly unique: Series, Tier, Rarity, Edition, Mint, Breed, Skin, and Stat-O-Meter Level.