🤔What are Cryptoys

Digital collectible toys!

Cryptoys are interactive digital toys, wrapped in surprise unboxing experiences, distributed on the Flow blockchain. Fun, playful, and interactive, Cryptoys blend toys, collectibles, and gaming to unlock a whole new universe of possibilities.

Our first digital toy line, Zoo-F-O Escape, introduces our initial cast of characters: Alphie the Corgi, Comet the Kitty, and Juno the Panda. There are 21 collectable skins, but only 18 are needed to complete the Zoo-F-O collection! (Ultra Grails are 1:1s).

Your Cryptoys are the key to various apps and gaming experiences. Each Cryptoy character is composed of different characteristics that make them truly unique: Series, Tier, Rarity, Edition, Mint, Breed, Skin, and Stat-O-Meter Level.

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