Get ready to start your collection!

Cryptoy assets are available to purchase during special release events called Drops

Drops come in many styles. These include:

Scheduled Drops: These drops will be announced to the public in advance. Community members will know these are happening days or weeks before they happen and will be notified if they signed up for drop notifications.

Secret Drops: The portal is unpredictable and opens sporadically at times. These drops can happen randomly and without announcement as they catch us all by surprise. The Fractal Falls University Data Lab students suspect there may be warnings that precede the anomaly, so keep your eyes open for strange signs!

Collector Drops: These drops are extra limited in seating and are available by invite only to the most discerning collectors. Participation in these drops will be determined by a collector’s Collector Score and Title. Score based drops will be available to anyone with a high enough score in the series being dropped, while Title based drops will be exclusive to collectors with those Titles.

Gamer Drops: Only the best of the best players will be able to participate in these drops based on their position on the Scoreboard. If you have a high enough score you will be invited to participate in these drops.

Challenge Drops: These drops are the most exclusive and perhaps most difficult to gain invite to because there are limited seats and you must compete against fellow collectors in time restricted in-game challenges. Everyone with at least 1 Cryptoy can compete, but only the top players will be rewarded with an invite or special asset once concluded.

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