Cryptoys Classics

Thank you to our early supporters!

Cryptoys Classics

Cryptoys Classics are free PFPs we gifted our Early Bird Discord community.

Cryptoys Classics on OpenSea

Polygon Bridge

We will develop a Polygon Bridge to allow Classics Holders to import their Cryptoys Classics to their backpack and convert into a Decoration.

Closed Beta Drops Access

Classics Holders will be able to participate in our closed beta drops, providing them more opportunities to snag a 1st Edition Cryptoy.

Special Edition Cryptoy Cube

After we have completed our first spark and sold out 30k Heroes, Classics Holders will be gifted a Special Edition Cryptoy Cube for each Cryptoys Classic they import into their Backpack.

Cryptoys Classic Collector Badges

Once a Classics Holder’s NFT has been imported to Flow and into their Backpack, they will be awarded a special Patch denoting Classics Holder status.

Decorative Art Frames

Once imported into your backpack, Cryptoy Classics will be classified as Decorations inside Pockets. When used as Decorations within a Pocket, Cryptoy Classics will provide enhancement bonuses to the Stat-O-Meters of your toys within that Pocket.

  • Decorating with Corgi/Kitty/Panda will enhance the Stat-O-Meter of Corgi/Kitty/Panda (respectively) in that Pocket.

  • Decorating with more than 3 Classics of the same breed within the same pocket will provide no additional enhancement bonuses.

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