Cryptoys Classics

Thank you to our early supporters!

Cryptoys Classics

Cryptoys Classics are free PFPs we gifted our Early Bird Discord community.

Polygon Bridge

We will develop a Polygon Bridge to allow Classics Holders to import their Cryptoys Classics to their backpack and convert into a Decoration.

Closed Beta Drops Access

Classics Holders will be able to participate in our closed beta drops, providing them more opportunities to snag a 1st Edition Cryptoy.

Special Edition Cryptoy Cube

After we have completed our first spark and sold out 30k Heroes, Classics Holders will be gifted a Special Edition Cryptoy Cube for each Cryptoys Classic they import into their Backpack.

Cryptoys Classic Collector Badges

Once a Classics Holder’s NFT has been imported to Flow and into their Backpack, they will be awarded a special Patch denoting Classics Holder status.

Decorative Art Frames

Once imported into your backpack, Cryptoy Classics will be classified as Decorations inside Pockets. When used as Decorations within a Pocket, Cryptoy Classics will provide enhancement bonuses to the Stat-O-Meters of your toys within that Pocket.
  • Decorating with Corgi/Kitty/Panda will enhance the Stat-O-Meter of Corgi/Kitty/Panda (respectively) in that Pocket.
  • Decorating with more than 3 Classics of the same breed within the same pocket will provide no additional enhancement bonuses.