Meet one of our characters - Comet with the "Ziggy" skin!

Series: Zoo-F-O Escape Tier: Hero Rarity: Legendary Edition: 1st Mint: 3 of 100 Breed: Kitty Skin: Ziggy Stat-O-Meter: 8 of 12


Series: The digital toy line your character belongs to.

Tier: Determines your toys' max Stat-O-Meter Level - Hero tier characters are the strongest in the Cryptoyverse.

Rarity: Indicates an asset's scarcity and also impacts your toy's max Stat-O-Meter level. There are 7 levels of rarity for Zoo-F-O Escape, ranked in order of availability: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Epic > Legendary > Grail > Ultra Grail

Ultra Grails are so rare and scarce that they are not required to complete any series collection; Think of them as super special easter eggs for hardcore collectors.

Edition: The version of the toys available for Collectors.

Mint: Denotes the sequence the character was created in during production.

Breed: The character's animal classification.

Skin: The term for the unique and awesome colors and patterns that adorn your Cryptoy.

Stat-O-Meter: A visual gauge depicting the power level of your character.

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