Cryptoy States

Once collected, Cryptoy assets have 3 states they can exist in:

  1. Cubed – Unopened Cryptoy Cube - unrevealed Cryptoy inside.

  2. Wrapped – The toy is still inside its digital blister pack - mint condition.

  3. Opened – Toy that has been opened, unwrapped, and ready for game time.

Once toys have been removed from their Cryptoy Cube(s), they can not be placed back inside; the toy is no longer Cubed and is now considered Wrapped. Likewise once a Collector has removed the toy from its digital blister pack, it is no longer Wrapped, it is in the Opened state.

Only Opened collectibles can interact with other collectibles like Characters and Items and used to participate in stashing. Cubed and Wrapped items can still be placed within Pockets for decorative display.

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