Second Editions FAQ

If you have questions, we're happy to answer them.

Do 2nd Editions Come in Cryptoys Cubes?

No, 2nd Editions are not sold in Cryptoys Cubes. They come in Blister Packs that look identifiably different than their 1st Edition counterparts.

How Many 2nd Editions Are There?

Double the amount of 1st Editions of the same toy.

Why Do All 2nd Edition Hero Characters Have The Same Stat-O-Meter?

Standardizing their power removes any aspect of Pay To Win and allows the toys to be sought after for their collectability and style, not to min-max production power to collect more rewards.

So, I Can Buy Whichever Character I Want as a 2nd Edition?

Yes! 2nd Editions come in Blister Packs, so you can pick which character you want.

Will 2nd Editions Be Identifiable In Active Game Play?

We won't change or diminish the awesomeness of your character's skin, but via a combination of menus, colors, and animation effects, players will be able to differentiate between Editions.

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