On April 2, 2024, the Zoo-F-O™ series was vaulted by Dr. FUD.

Let’s fluffin’ gooooo! Meet the OG crew that started it all. Once game characters in an 8-bit arcade game called Zoo-F-O Escape, Alphie the corgi, Comet the kitty, and Juno the panda find themselves transported via a mysterious Vortex into a strange digital realm called the Cryptoyverse. Together, they challenge their pre-existing programming to discover who they truly want to be in this whole new world of possibilities!


Zoo-F-O is OnChain Studios’ first original digital toy collection in their ever-expanding universe of toys, games, and entertainment. When we say “theirs”, we mean OURS! We’re building this from the ground up! So strap in and get ready for what we create next.

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Total Zoo-F-O™ Inventory: 30,000

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